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Webcam chat for free no reg leicester

We are expecting him to be arrested at that point on the basis that Jen has said that he has tried to pervert the course of justice.

- Well, the solicitors and barristers all went to court on Monday morning, only to be told that the case was not going to be heard and was being put off until another date.

His bail has been taken away, which means that he will be spending some little while on remand at her Majesty's pleasure until his trial.

Brendan is just going in for his interview now and I expect he'll be charged also, although I wouldn't like to second-guess them on whether he'll be released on bail or not. If you haven't read the letter that Dave wrote last night yet then go and take a look at it right now: DAVE'S LETTER Oh, and isn't it about time that you journalists started getting your teeth into this one.

I really find it quite, errrr, unusual that not one of you has found the time to put ink to paper on such a juicy case. Well, that's bang out of order for a start, as Brendan is a witness for Dave in court.

When she met up with him she told him that the police had told her that they will nick her if she doesn't turn up for them in the ABH case. Then she tried to turn Brendan against Dave by bringing up the old "grass" thing.

But I think we might see this backfire on her in spectacular fashion.

- Dave has been told to report to the police station today at noon with his solicitor.Dave says he finds that idea quite ridiculous, as it was Jen who approached Brendan with the proposed bribe of 20,000 to keep her out of court and that he neither initiated it or agreed to it, as he hasn't got twenty grand to give her and wouldn't, even if he had it.Dave feels the police might now arrest Jen just to ensure that she does actually turn up as their witness against him. Jen started off the "grass" allegations again (as Dave knew she would) but it is she who has taken Dave's letter to the police, despite giving assurances that she wouldn't.Sure enough, Brendan had gone into the cop-shop a week ago and reported the matter to them ...but no one at the station could be arsed to follow it up at the time (I wonder why? Dave told them that there was no way he was going to pay Jen any money to keep her away from court, as he was really looking forward to getting in there and having his say about the whole charade.There is not a shred of doubt in anyone's mind that he will get a "Not Guilty" on both counts, but he is going to do some real damage to the authorities when he gets there.

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