Twin cities dating sites

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They did not have a mighty army or a divine emperor.

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Excavations reveal large, orderly walls of massive brick buildings with high sophisticated sanitation and drainage systems.

This civilization flourished from 1500 BC to about 2500 BC and spread over a thousand-mile length from the snow-capped mountains of Kashmir to the sand dunes facing the Arabian Sea.

The civilization held its own government, culture, religion, history, art and architecture, rules and regulations.

There have been found silver vessels and gold and silver ornaments that provided evidence of wealthy merchants or landowners.

Excavations also provided stone carvings of seated male figures that may represent some of the ancestral leaders of communities.

Mohenjo-Daro is the twin city and both formed the hub of the civilization.

Since their planning principles were followed without change at all other sites, these two cities laid the groundwork for the other cities that followed.

There is no mention of this valley in the Bible, or in the Vedas, which is one of the oldest texts of South Asia, dating back approximately 3,500 years ago.

The people did not build towering monuments, bury their riches along with their dead, or fight legendary and bloody battles.

There is no evidence that either priests or kings ruled the cities.

Sculptures unearthed show a fillet around the head, and an armband and a cloak decorated with trefoil patterns that originally were filled with red pigment.

Indus Valley Rulers Rulers within the cities of the Indus Valley governed through the control of trade and religion rather than military strength.

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