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Raleighdating com

I work in the tech industry and have lived all over the country: Williamstown/Boston/Milton, MA; NYC; Stamford/New Haven/Westport/New Canaan, CT; Los Angeles/San Francisco, CA Currently, Im in Charlottesville, VA which I have outgrown after 10 years: there is no dating scene for my age bracket (everyone is already paired up and busy with kids).

Some folks like to enjoy life instead of an office. They blow through women, because they can, there's so many of us. I live in NY right now, and guys kill it here, but aren't serious about settling down. I'm looking for a great place to relocate with a large portion of 30 somethings who are into settling down. There are plenty of guys in NY who are looking for marriage, but women are too busy chasing richer, better looking guys (even when they don't have much to offer said men). But if that it your primary reason for moving somewhere, I don't think this area would be at the top of a "best places to meet marrying-type men" list. In my opinion one can' t make one trip here and decide this is where they want to live !!!! The women are so attractively challenged there, that the men are dying to meet a real woman. Of course this will only work if you are eye candy yourself. You really can't say if one area or another is better to meet a man to marry - it depends on the particular men that you meet.See where the jobs are in your field and then check the "climates" for dating in those areas. This place would not be my first choice, just saying not too much going on in these parts Lol I'm NYC born and raised, and lived in Ft Lauderdale almost 30 years this area is neither of those places !! The hit song here seems to be Save a horse, ride a cowboy..I am thinking the odds are in your favor. You could come to NC and meet the man of your dreams only to find out that he is the one shark in the tank.**As well as more racial acceptance and harmony.** (The upswing of current news regarding militarized police violence, racial attacks, etc.really gets me down.) My job has kindly given me the option of working remotely from anywhere in the US so Im now sizing up locations without too much worry about employment as a factor in final location.Your attitude (from what I can see) would likely come on a little strong (predatory) here. I'm thinking relocating to Raleigh, because it is suppose to be a great place for young professionals, and also very pretty. Not that this married 52 year old with no children can ever be in touch with Raleigh social life. I would just position myself for the right opportunity. Don't go shopping for a man - look for an investment! Or you could move to a place with there's tons of eligible men, but you can't find the one for you. You should be sure that YOU like the area you're moving to first and foremost and think about the prospect of being happy with or without a husband. I'm from NY, and I was one of those guys who was killing it up there (killing it down here too, LOL).

You probably want a bigger city a little more urban--try Atlanta? I am 33, and looking to find a place to live that has not only great guys but marriage type guys. I almost feel like either people are college age or married already and settled down. In other words, be your best self emotionally, mentally, and physically. Forging a marital relationship isn't about the "where", it's about the "who". I'm thinking relocating to Raleigh, because it is suppose to be a great place for young professionals, and also very pretty. My sense is that a higher proportion of guys are looking to settle down here, but of course, there are far fewer single men in their 30s to early 40s.

**Is Raleigh considered to be a blue city in a sea of red (i.e., Democrat/liberal surrounded by Republican/conservative)?

**Is North Carolina as a whole generally liberal or conservative? In the early 2000s, I was living in SF and I visited Savannah, GA with a white boyfriend and we had an overt incident of disapproval of our interracial status.

In general, the Triangle area is known as a family area--lots of suburbs and such.

Young single people often find it a little boring, though there is certainly nightlife.

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