Rajat tokas and paridhi sharma dating

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Rajat tokas and paridhi sharma dating - best dating blogs 2016

Here’s taking a look at five reasons why Ekta trouble: As soon as the show went on air in 2013, a Jaipur-based outfit called the Shri Rajput Karni Sena claimed the show was distorting historical facts. If that wasn’t enough, later, an organisation called the Akhil Bharatiya Kshatriya Mahasabha too protested outside Ekta‘s office as they felt Akbar was shown belittling Rajputs on the show.

The reason behind this is that apparently Mr Tokas feels that he is senior to Paridhi and thus likes to maintain a distance.Paridhi and I are just professionals and we are here to just do our jobs.We don’t even talk to each other, nor I’ve ever spoken to her on the phone so how can I molest?The king soon realises that he had misjudged Jodha and wrongly accused her of infidelity.He then follows her all the way to her hometown Amer, only to find that she has not reached there.After all this, the TV czarina decided to back out as the producer. Rajat – Paridhi rivalry: Indeed they share a sizzling chemistry on-screen, but when the cameras turn off this lead pair is at loggerheads with each other and don’t even exchange pleasantries.

The duo don’t see eye-to-eye off screen and prefer not to even talk to each other.

However, this loved historical show has always been in the news, thanks to many controversies.

And it is because of all these troubles that Ekta Kapoor, who was initially producing the show decided to call it quits.

However let’s just burst the big suspense bubble for our readers.

The much awaited kiss and romance in After Akbar suspects Jodha of betraying him, he banishes her from his palace and the heartbroken queen leaves him.

Verma however before being ousted from the show had said, All these are just rumors and there’s is no truth to it.

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