Problem updating iphone 4

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Problem updating iphone 4 - datinglove es

It's like something is preventing me from updating my phone but i don't know what it is Can please someone tell me what I am doing wrong Have you tried doing it using i Tunes after connecting the phone to a computer - Mac or a PC? You should be able to set the phone up as new if everything else fails.

An error occurred downloading i OS 9.” and, naturally you’re probably looking for a solution for that error message to get i OS 9 updated successfully on your i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch, right?

Now before we get to the nitty-gritty's of how to fix i Phone Error 21, I'm sure you must be won-dering what is i Phone Error 21 to begin with, and why does it have this strange obsession with your phone!

The most common reason for i Phone Error 21 is that your i Tunes is trying to down-load the restore files (.ipsw) but is unfortunately being blocked from authentication.

The IPSW approach is really not applicable to the average user, however, and the vast majority of i Phone and i Pad owners are better off just waiting for the update to work through i OS Settings.

Don’t worry, Apple servers will catch up quickly, and you’ll be running i OS 9 in no time.

Thus, the only real solution is to wait for the download, or if you’re super impatient, use the IPSW firmware to update instead. If you’re looking for something to do while you wait, here’s an awesome website to explore!

Advanced users who are comfortable with firmware files can ignore the software update failed error message by downloading the appropriate firmware for their i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch model, and updating i OS 9 manually with the IPSW file.

Some users get lucky and are quickly able to download the update, others may need to wait again for another few minutes.

This error message occurs when you and millions of other users are pounding Apple download servers simultaneously, and the content delivery network is overloaded.

Straight away it starts downloading but it is pretty slow.

It keeps on downloading until it is halfway done with the process bar.

I go into software update in settings, I see that I can update my phone to 1.7.2 so I press download and install.

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