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As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Pamela operates Wild Flower Healing Arts and is a National Nutritional Cleansing Coach, helping clients cleanse their bodies, releasing weight and eliminating toxins in the process.

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Pamela co-owned and operated Vortex in downtown Iowa City for 22 years.

A passionate organic gardener of flowers, herbs and nourishing foods, Pamela has been formulating and making Body Products for Retail and Wholesale with her Company Sacred Earth Botanicals.

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After spending time with the Belizean healer Rosita Arvigo in 1998, Pamela realized her calling was the healing arts.

Graduating from the Eastwind School of Holistic Healing that year, she immediately opened her therapeutic massage business.She spent decades running several restaurants and operated her own, The Kitchen in Downtown Iowa City for 15 years.She has been studying and practicing Natural Health and Healing for 30 years.As an instructor of Aromatherapy and Integrative Massage at the local East-West School of Integrative Healing Arts, Pamela has the experience and knowledge to deepen stress release and help the body facilitate healing during a session.Pamela has spent most of her life helping people get healthy and stay healthy.Assortative mating refutes the folk wisdom that opposites attract, and assortative mating also inconveniently throws fuel on the fire of income inequality, but it's probably here to stay.

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