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Go beyond that to, say 140 km/h, and the buzz is loud enough for passengers to notice, and for you to “level” things by turning up the volume. Some of them are more fun to drive than the Kia too.I never warmed to the Forte’s steering (hydraulic for 1.6L models) throughout our time with it.

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The 124 bhp/157 Nm Gamma engine also goes about its business without much charisma; it’s quite lively past 4000 rpm, but it also gets a little boomy at this stage.Priced at RM75,800 OTR including insurance, the entry level 1.6 EX looks to be a steal, and that’s before you realise that for RM6,000 more the SX comes with equipment unheard of in cars below RM100,000. Not even the pretty Hyundai Coupe (weak drivetrain), although the diesel Santa Fe SUV is quite a good package.Let’s not forget that this is a C-segment contender to the Civic, Lancer, Sylphy, and Altis, priced below Japanese branded B-segment cars. But Kia is really working its socks off trying to change this.We see if this irresistible on paper appeal runs deep. While I recognise and endorse the improvement made in Korean cars throughout the past few years, to be honest, I’ve never thought of having one myself. There seems to be an awareness from within the company that techincal competence needs to be supported by design brilliance, and the Forte represents this.Many Kias, Hyundais and the odd Ssang Yong have passed through our hands, but never have they left a deep impression. The man behind Kia’s “design revolution” is Peter Schreyer, the German who previously worked with Audi. Not only have we received many requests to feature the Kia Forte, but I myself have been waiting so long to get behind the Forte’s wheel.

We missed the media test drive event and Naza Kia’s schedule was so full that only now do we get a sampler.We’re not referring to Campro style resonance in case you’re wondering, but it’s not the smoothest lump in town either.Don’t get us wrong, the Forte’s drivetrain isn’t bad (some wouldn’t even bat an eyelid at what we’ve pointed out) but it’s just not positively memorable. If you’re familiar with the class par, and have spent some time with the current crop of C-segment cars, you’ll easily notice that the Forte isn’t at its best at high speed, long distance cruising, and it all boils down to having only four forward ratios. A bit high, but all’s still well at this stage thanks to the Kia’s good cabin insulation from outside noises (which is above average, we reckon).The 1.6-litre engine is entirely adequate for daily use, but there were moments where I wished for more pulling power and accleration.Perhaps the nature of the four-speed auto gearbox contributes to this impression – it’s not the most eager to kickdown when you need more go, which is not a problem in itself, but the ratios seem too long and widely spaced.Try as we may, photos don’t do it justice, so get down to a dealership and have a good look for yourself.

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