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The Cannabist reports: Recreational and medical cannabis shops in America’s first 420-legal state… CONTINUE READING Massachusetts residents are allowed to legally possess and grow marijuana as of December 15, ending the state’s 100-year prohibition era marked by vast social injustices, wasteful government spending and ineffective public policy Persons age 21 and older are allowed to possess…CONTINUE READING The historic peace process in Colombia is finally resulting in the demobilization of the country’s FARC guerrilla fighters, who are now gathering at designated points in the countryside to turn over their arms.

Though the actual numbers are small, the trend raises concerns because of evidence linking…Generally speaking we tout the potential of marijuana, advocating its medical advantages left, right, and center.We praise its benefits for pain reduction, epilepsy, nausea, autism, MS, anorexia, and countless other conditions – the list is positively exhaustive. CONTINUE READING At eight months old, Sadie Higuera was supposed to be dead.Consumers are quick to recognize this as their pets experience a more comfortable injection. We assign you a Patient Account Specialist who works hand-in-hand with you, your doctor, and your insurance company to make sure every aspect of your purchase is seamless.The Ramona, Calif.-area toddler suffers from Schinzel-Giedion syndrome, a very rare and very severe condition caused by a genetic mutation that causes neurological problems, as well as organ…

CONTINUE READING Legal marijuana businesses in Colorado made more than a billion dollars in sales during the first 10 months of 2016, exceeding sales numbers from last year. Steve Dickerson (R-20) announced that they are introducing a medical marijuana bill to bring meaningful access to many patients in Tennessee. CONTINUE READING Now that marijuana prohibition has been brought down in Massachusetts and Maine, one of the most influential forces inside the halls of the New Hampshire legislature says he is prepared to get serious about passing a similar reform at…

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The effort has won President Juan Manuel Santos a Nobel Peace Prize,…

CONTINUE READING National NORML, Michigan NORML and dozens of other state and local chapters have released an open letter to Vice President-Elect Pence seeking clarity and common sense from the incoming administration regarding marijuana policy. CONTINUE READING Following the DEA’s recent decision to classify marijuana extracts—specifically classifying CBD, hemp and all their derivatives—as Schedule 1 substances, the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) said Monday that it is “strongly considering legal action” to block the DEA’s move. CONTINUE READING While there has been a great deal of focus this year on the opioid epidemic that is currently killing off the average U. citizen at a rate higher than war, new federal data shows that a growing number of…

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