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Futanria kenya - difference between relative and absolute dating of rocks and fossils

Ultimately, then, the researchers found that satisfaction in marriage is key to a woman remaining faithful to her husband while also verifying all of men’s suspicions that penis size matter to women.

Reports of extra-marital affairs range from 30 to 60 percent among men and 20 to 50 percent among women, according to some research.Overall, 6.2 percent of the women told the researchers that they had been unfaithful to their husbands during the preceding six months, while more than a quarer (27 percent) suspected their husbands of being involved in extra-marital relationships.Probably the team’s least surprising discovery, then, was that the strongest predictor of a woman straying from her marriage bed was a suspicion that her spouse was involved with someone else.Yet for some, the consequences of infidelity may include heart problems or even cardiac arrest brought on by all the psychological stress involved in sneaking around and the "excitement" of the actual if brief encounters.What makes infidelity thrilling also makes it deadly.Marriage is also believed to be a risk factor for STDs and HIV infection.

Because the marriage bed usually does not require using a condom, when a partner strays and contracts a sexually transmitted disease, the spouse easily gets it as well.

Women’s involvement in partnerships outside of marriage is critical, then, in predicting HIV infections and for this reason, a team of researchers from Kenya and the U. decided to investigate the reasons why women would cheat.

To conduct this study, the research team focused on fishermen and their wives, conducting a total of 1,090 interviews with 545 married couples between the ages of 18 and 45 from 33 beaches in Kenya.

Many men take great pride in the above-average size of their penises, believing that this physical gift is the key to bringing sexual satisfaction to their female partners.

A new study conducted by a team of researchers from the U. and Kenya found that men boasting larger penises might want to think twice: Every one inch longer in penis length increased the likelihood of a wife’s infidelity by almost one-and-half times.

The interview covered a number of topics, including socio-economic and demographic details, marital and sexual relationships and number of sexual partners in six months preceding the study.

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