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Movies, books and magazines often portray people who “hit bottom” before they can be helped. Early identification occurs at the first signs of a problem — before anyone has suffered a traumatic event, dropped out of school or lost important relationships, jobs, their health or self-respect.Identification can be done through a screening by a health care professional, employee assistance professional or even a family member.

But don’t feel you need an exhaustive picture of the problem before * Share your observations with other family members and friends to determine how they see the situation.

How Can I Tell If I’m Overreacting to a Substance Abuse Problem?

Someone who is unwilling to discuss the issue or consider whether there might be a problem is a strong indicator that a problem exists.

* Ensure that you and other family members are safe from potential physical or emotional harm.

If there is a threat or feat of physical violence you should develop a safety plan. What Are the Benefits of Early Identification and Action? Research shows that early identification of the problem is a much more effective solution for substance use problems.

Common symptoms include headaches, backaches, digestive problems, depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

Children of substance users can experience school behavior problems and poor academic performance and are more likely to become substance users themselves.If they agree there is a problem, figure out who will talk to the person about getting help.* Contact a substance abuse professional, mental health professional, physician, employee assistance professional, guidance counselor, clergy or other helping professional to help you.Also, as untreated problems continue, family members develop their own issues.Partners of people who have substance use problems can suffer greatly.Waiting for people to ask for help is a risky strategy.