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I hate to break it to you, but looking for a rich husband has nothing to do with culture – ahem, Anna Nicole Smith.As an Eastern European woman, I’ve dated more than one guy who’ve had less money than me, (one even living in his mom’s attic during the ‘08 financial crisis), so don’t be hasty to equate national origin and personal values.

Though many of us love to travel and seek the best place for personal realization, we often can find that in our own countries, thank you very much.They can discuss politics at an intelligent, logical level, can discuss economic theory, and American girl would say: I don’t even have anything to say here that hasn’t been said already. Needless to say, this is the kind of quote that brings out a man’s primal instinct. Girls here take real pride in knowing domestic skills like cooking. She and her roommates made three different types of cake for my friend and me to sample. I’m also quite talented with Lean Cuisines, and know the Domino’s delivery number by heart.” Analysis: A Polish girl cooked me an egg soup on our third date—a recipe passed down from her grandmother. Later that week, she invited me over for cake and wine.

One of the girls I’m dating speaks seven languages and understands another eight at a very basic level. I’ve only been in Eastern Europe a month, but I never want to go back.

Kyle is 25 years old and a now-retired computer engineer. It cannot do without.” Analysis: I’ve often used the term “polarity” to describe why men and women need each other, but this girl took made it an extremely teachable lesson. But many of the ones who have agreed to meet have said similar things about looking forward to it—they are showing eagerness and excitement to meet an interesting guy. They recognize that men like a chaste girl for long-term commitments. Many of her friends are already married and she seemed to be the rebel of the group.

He left Corporate America slavery and his life in Los Angeles to move abroad. It does a better job of illustrating the lesson of “Umm, so I’m pretty busy this week with my Feminist Dance Movement studies and my job at Starbucks, but MAYBE I can fit you in on Tuesday at 4pm. American girls, on the other hand, would clam up and go silent. Also—that American girl who had sex with seven guys in seven days? However, it’s been repeatedly proven that women respond to societal pressures and shaming.

A quick Google search of “Russian women” pulls gems like this up: “Russian women go from impossibly hot supermodels to shriveled-up crones over an absurdly short period of time.” Are you kidding me?

With the amount of exercise and nutritional care that most of us put in, most of us age pretty darned gracefully.

Are you picturing an absurdly dark smoky eye with blue eye shadow and red lipstick? Most of us stick to basic mascara, a little blush and lip balm.