Dns forwarders not validating

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* If 'always', enables authentication so that all remote login attempts are allowed.

# # To learn more about configuration files (including precedence) please see # the documentation located at # # GLOBAL SETTINGS # Use the [default] stanza to define any global settings.* Can be one of "fullyqualifiedname" , "clustername", "shortname" * Is applicable to Windows only * Shall not be an empty string session Timeout = [smhd] * The amount of time before a user session times out, expressed as a search-like time range * Examples include '24h' (24 hours), '3d' (3 days), '7200s' (7200 seconds, or two hours) * Defaults to '1h' (1 hour) trusted IP = * All logins from this IP address are trusted, meaning password is no longer required * Only set this if you are using Single Sign On (SSO) allow Remote Login = always|never|require Set Password * Controls remote management by restricting general login.Note that this does not apply to trusted SSO logins from trusted IP.* Note 1: Clustering may override the passphrase specified here, in the [clustering] stanza.A clustering searchhead connecting to multiple masters may further override in the [clustermaster:stanza1] stanza.* In the pro license, remote login is only disabled for "admin" user if default password of "admin" has not been changed.

access_logging_for_phonehome = true|false * Enables/disables logging to splunkd_for client phonehomes * defaults to true (logging enabled) hangup_after_phonehome = true|false * Controls whether or not the (deployment) server hangs up the connection after the phonehome is done.

* Shall not be an empty string * May contain environment variables * After any environment variables have been expanded, the server name (if not an IPv6 address) can only contain letters, numbers, underscores, dots, and dashes; and it must start with a letter, number, or an underscore.

hostname Option = * The option used to specify the detail in the server name used to identify this Splunk instance.

# * You can also define global settings outside of any stanza, at the top # of the file.

# * Each conf file should have at most one default stanza.

# Version 6.5.1 # # This file contains the set of attributes and values you can use to # configure server options in