Delphi data aware controls not updating

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The file variable can then be associated with another external file.

It should not be long string, dynamic array, class, object or a pointer.Email := New EMail; Seek(F, Rec N) ; Write(F, Dummy Member) ; end; That's it, now we have all we need to accomplish our task.We can write Members information to the disk, we can read it back and we can even change some of the data (e-mail, for example) in the "middle" of the file.When a program completes processing a file, the file must be closed using the Close File procedure.After a file is closed, its associated external file is updated.TMS Aurelius Free Edition, an overview - by Wagner Landgraf Top 10 Aurelius Features - by Wagner Landgraf A personal list of favorite features of Wagner Landgraf, the TMS Business product manager.

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Suppose we have filled an array of Delphi members with their names, e-mails and number of posts and we want to store this information in a file on the disk.

The following peace of code will do the work: Note: Eof is the End Of File checking function.

Once the association with an external file is established, the file variable F must be 'opened' to prepare it for reading and/or writing.

We call Reset procedure to open an existing file or Rewrite to create a new file.

For example: if we call Close File for a file that is already closed Delphi reports an I/O error.