Dating groundwork seduction community

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Dating groundwork seduction community

If you continue to read this post, all I can ask is that you set aside any preconceptions you may have about the seduction community and the people who participate in it.For my entire life I’ve experienced terrible anxiety around women I’m attracted to.

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Everyone sees themselves in the things they seek out, and seduction offered many different things to many different people.For example, many people came to the seduction community purely just seeking sex.They would ask specifically about how to get laid and post the stories of when they did get laid.I left when I felt that I was looking for something that this community could no longer provide.I’m writing this post because of a recent outrage over a seduction book being funded on Kickstarter (the campaign, though successful, has been removed from Kickstarter).Although my friends were very supportive, none of them could relate on a level to offer useful advice.

And oh, look at this, if you just go onto reddit, there is an entire forum of people there who are specifically practicing the art of socializing!I found my interests particularly at odds with theirs since the actual act of sex was less important to me than simply being able to socialize in a healthy way.So, like in any community, you acknowledge that those people are there but you don’t invest a lot of energy in them.I know nothing about this book, I don’t intend to justify or qualify it, that’s not what this post is about.However, in the wake of this controversy I’ve seen a lot of anger and shaming directed at the seduction community, which is what I would like to address.Seeing someone I found attractive evoked less “fear” and more “complete and total emotional shutdown.” Rather than attempting to express myself around women, I began denying that I had any interest in women in the first place.

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