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We were able to show that these low fading rates have an influence on the age determination.

Numerical dating of the sedimentation of these landforms would be a tremendous help to clarify the status of key sites in the NAF, providing a chronological framework for the system of glacials and interglacials in this region.During past glaciations large ice masses built up in the European Alps extending wide into the alpine foreland.Based on glacial landforms and glacial sediments the extent of these glaciations was reconstructed (). Each glacial advance incised deeper, lowering the hydraulic base level and shaping an amphitheatre like structure in the glaciated area.The ages presented in these studies do not all yield consistent results, which may be caused by the limitations of the individual methodological approaches.However, dated fluvial terrace sediments from the Ingolstadt area and showed that correlating terrace deposits in the central NAF may not be straight forward.In the proglacial area the rivers incised to deeper levels with each glaciation which lead to the development of a terrace staircase. Map showing the advances of the Rhine glacier in the Lake Constance area.

These distinct terraces can be correlated over long distances and have widely been used to build relative chronologies in the NAF. The red triangle shows the location of Biberach where the gravelpit Scholterhaus is located.The sediments of this section can conclusively be tied to the penultimate glaciation, owing to the fact that they are located between two terminal moraines of the Rissian.In this study single grain feldspar luminescence dating is applied for the first time to the “High Terrace Gravels” of the NAF to clarify the timing of the Rissian.One of the most comprehensive studies yet, is that of who tried to characterize the quartz and feldspar signals from various sites of the Northern Alpine Foreland and concluded that quartz and feldspar luminescence is highly challenging and the dating results from the area remain questionable.For the main site re-investigated in this study, determined two ages: a quartz OSL age of 72.1 ± 8.2 ka and an IRSL age of 173 ± 15 ka (not corrected for fading).Various dating approaches have led so far to often unsatisfying results.

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