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Massachusetts is an excellent travel destination, noted for many of its historical sites as well as diverse regional flavors.The eastern Massachusetts Bay area of the state from Gloucester to Plymouth is very metropolitan, with Boston at its hub.

The easiest way to get into Eastern Massachusetts is through Logan International Airport in Boston.

Boston's South Station is the northern terminus of the Northeast Corridor, the most heavily trafficked rail route in the country, and one of the few routes serviced by Amtrak [3] with a high frequency of service.

Trains from New York reach Boston in about 4.5 hours; trains from Washington take about twice as long.

With the renovation of Springfield's Union Station, Springfield will receive an increase in rail traffic in the next several years, so be aware that schedules will change.

Other Western and Central Massachusetts cities are also served by Amtrak, although much less frequently than Boston.

Massachusetts [1] is a state in the New England region of the United States of America.

Massachusetts is known as "The Bay State" because of its three large bays which dominate and shape the coastline.

The easiest way to get into Western Massachusetts is through Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, which is 12 miles south of Springfield (and equidistant to Hartford, Connecticut.) Other regional airports include Worcester, Manchester, Providence, Chicopee (Springfield), and Albany.

More information on New England's regional airports can be found at Fly New England [2].

The name Massachusetts comes from Algonquian Indian words that mean the great mountain, an apparent reference to the tallest of the Blue Hills, a recreation area south of the town of Milton.

Massachusetts is a state of firsts - the first public school (Boston Latin School), the first public library (Boston Public Library), the first public park (Worcester), the first American university (Harvard), the first National Armory (Springfield), the first gasoline-powered automobile (Springfield), the first birth control pill (Worcester), the first public beach (Revere Beach), the first motorcycle (Springfield), the first modern fire engine (Springfield), the first liquid fuel rocket (Worcester), the birthplace of basketball (Springfield), and the birthplace of Volleyball (Holyoke).

In western Massachusetts, this area is also known as the Pioneer Valley.