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The “Frequential Pickup” technique works for all types of situations: It’s known as the long game, because you’re focusing on building up an attractive lifestyle instead of being aggressive with each pickup. Not only that but women are different when are with friends and going to a club, than they are just hanging out in a coffee shop, sipping on a green tea. This is basically being direct with women and telling her why you approached her. In a nutshell, it’s asking for directions or advice to help build rapport and transition to a close. Let me give you an example of each one in action: Now aside from actually approaching random attractive women during the day, there is one other way you can meet them with ease. Trust me, if you do night game the right way (which I will to show you soon) then you will have a very minimal chance of failure. 99% of guys are approaching women completely wrong in clubs and bars. Then make their move and hope they don’t get rejected. In order for you to meet women in bars and clubs, you have to think differently to other men. You will have immediate social proof because she’s hot, plus you don’t have to do any of the approaching. I’ve used this trick dozens of times and it works like a charm.

I would get a bunch of numbers, go on dates and have some casual sex, but for whatever reason I just couldn’t get a girlfriend. Women would ask ME if I wanted to be their boyfriend. We initially met in a bar and I knew immediately that she was a potential girlfriend. So you can only imagine the types of results you will get if you follow each of the steps.Organise day trips, go to the beach, the park, visit festivals etc. So how do you pick up women in bars and clubs without getting rejected? Forget the local bar, pub or nightclub that all the dodgy locals like to get hammered at. Now, when you’re actually inside the club, you don’t want to go into your normal mentality of getting drunk and chasing girls. The first thing you should do is scope out the place. In a club or bar, it’s more about dynamics and playing women off each other to your advantage. Then release them, by doing the same thing with other girls around you and not paying much attention to them.If you utilise your social circle correctly, you will be able to find an endless supply of women. Look for cool guys that are hanging around hot girls, have drinks at a table and are having a great time. What this does is show that you’re a social fun guy, so they will actually fight for your attention. I want to explain one of the most powerful methods for attracting women. If you set them up right, they will hand deliver you women on a regular basis.I strongly urge you to do this now, before reading the rest of this post. let’s get on with the “Girlfriend Grabber Method”: One of the best things I ever did to increase my chances of meeting more women was to use what I like to call the “Frequential Pickup” technique. Everyday you are seeing women that could make a potential girlfriend, but you’re not doing anything to attract them.There may be this cute girl at work that you like, a stunning barrister at Starbucks, a hottie in your local restaurant, a fine looking neighbour… What this technique allows you to do is use familiarity to build trust, rapport and eventually get a date. Let’s say you have a hot neighbour that you’d love to get to know. You’re not expecting an answer to this question, it’s just an extension of hello. ”: This is where you can start to build a rapport with her and open up a dialogue.Whether you’ve been single for years or you’ve never had a girlfriend…

I’m going to show you step by step how to get one in less than 90 days from now. However it all started to change for me a few years back.

Here’s how to use “Frequential Pickup” to develop rapport and ask her out on a date. Saying “I’ve seen you around here a few times”, is an easy way to segway into a conversation.

First meet – Say “Hello”: Every time you see her, say “hello” or nod your head and say “hey”. ”: She’s seen your face and knows you live in the same building, so now you can start to hook her. This is usually a good time to say something like “I’m Richard by the way”, she will then give you her name and you can use that in future when saying hello.

She was smart, sober and disarmingly honest all very early on. Here’s exactly what you’re going to learn today: Seriously.

After exchanging numbers, we went on a few more dates and I got to know her more. Before you can even think about using any of the techniques listed here.

What I mean by that is, if a girl you like matches most of your list but she’s a smoker, that can quite easily be changed so shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. Now, once you have this list, several interesting things will begin to happen.